Our simple 5 step process uses an industry standard asset allocation model to choose the MPF funds that are best suited for you.

mpfprovider step1 - How does JujuFund work
MPF Provider

Your MPF choices are limited to the provider offered by your employer. We eliminate the funds unavailable to you based on your provider, bringing the funds available to you to the forefront.

mpfprovider quesstionnaire - How does JujuFund work

Answer a short 8 question survey to let us understand your investor profile. The questions asked are used across the financial industry.

mpfproiver recommendation - How does JujuFund work

We use your investor profile and apply it to an industry wide asset allocation optimiser as the reference model for your portfolio.

mpfprovider optimize - How does JujuFund work

Using Harry Markowitz's 1952 Efficient Frontier theory, we show you the optimal portfolio (highest return with lowest risk) based on your investor profile. You then have the option to choose the funds on your platform and test your returns and risk.

mpfprovider analyze - How does JujuFund work
Analyze Portfolio

We analyse your portfolio by tracking its performance over previous years. We also show you key performance metrics that are used by professional investors.