Investing can be intimidating.
JujuFund was created to bridge the wide gap between professional investors and the average citizen.
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Investing can be simple once you:

1. Know your investment objective
2. Understand risk and return
3. Asset allocation theory
4. Invest for the long term
5. Understand your investments

Know your investment objective

It is important to know what kind of investor you are, as it will help determine your investments. Although there are many types of investors, there are three fundamental types.
They are:
1) conservative
2) moderate and
3) aggressive.
The type of investor your are is generally driven by the factors below.

risk tolerance - Investing 101
Risk Tolerance
time horizon - Investing 101
Time horizon
income wealth - Investing 101
liquidity - Investing 101

Understand Risk and Return

Every investment is associated with a risk and return trade off.
Higher returns is associated with higher risk and lower returns is associated with lower risk.
For example, stocks generally give higher returns as compared to bonds because they are considered to be riskier.

The objective when it comes to investing is to find the investment that will give you the highest returns with the lowest risk.

juju funds investing101 chart preview - Investing 101

Asset Allocation

Your asset allocation
– how you divide your investments in your portfolio
– will be the biggest factor affecting your investment returns.

Asset allocation also helps you diversify your investments, which brings benefits including:

lowerrisk green - Investing 101
Lower Investment Risk
lowcost green - Investing 101
Low dependence on a single asset
protection green - Investing 101
Protection from market turbulence
freedom green - Investing 101
Freedom from timing the market

Invest for the long term

Keep in mind that the market always goes up in the long run.
This can be due to many factors.
But the most common explanations include technological progress, productivity,
population growth and natural selection.

This is the secret for many of the world’s best investors.
Focusing on long term investing allows you to sleep well at night
because it very likely results in meaningful wealth creation.

jujufund investing 101 preview2 - Investing 101

Understand what you are investing in

Every investor should hold themselves responsible for doing their due diligence.
If you don’t understand what you are investing in, don’t buy it.
If you understand what you are investing in,
you have the upper hand and comfort when you actually put your money to work.

In regards to your MPF, there are generally 4 categories of funds that you can invest in. We break them down below.

Fund Category
Fixed Income Fund
A mutual fund whose portfolio consists primarily of bond holdings. Such funds may specialise in a particular type of bond such as government, corporate, high yield, or foreign. Bond funds produce capital gains when interest rates fall and capital losses when interest rates rise.
Fund Category
Balanced Fund
A mutual fund that has an investment mandate of “balancing” its portfolio holdings. The fund generally includes a mix of stocks and bonds in varying proportions according to the funds investment outlook.
Fund Category
Money Market Fund
A mutual fund that invests primarily in low-Risk, short term investments such as treasury bills, government securities, certificates of deposits and other highly liquid, safe securities
Fund Category
Equity Fund
A mutual fund that invests primarily in stocks of numerous publicly traded companies. They are usually categorised based on their investment style and geographic focus.

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